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BAIMP Images Idea.


This idea in short symbolises the ways in which technology affects us unconciously. The caption ‘the art of relaxation’ works in connection with the positioning of the figure and futhermore the fact that she is unaware of the technology that perhaps burdens her.


BAIMP Images Idea.


This is the finalized version of the eye i was previously working on. The text is positioned in which to blend in with the shape of the eye.

BAIMP Project Idea.

Right heres another idea to throw into the mix. Its general aura is modeled around the ipod advert theme. I have used the classic iconic lightbulb image to exemplify that ‘one’ is engaged within a train of thought; hence the ‘i think’ caption at the base of the image. The caption itself also resembles the ipod brand to create a more authentic feel. The black silhouette of the figures function to support the nature side of the brief. The figure on the left also helps to divert attention towards the lightbulb through use of arm gesture, thus creating a focal point. 

When first brainstorming this idea, i tried to think about rhythm and movement. And so, i decided to implement dispersing beams of light from the light bulb to draw the eye accordingly.