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Character angles.







These character angles will give me a good idea of how George will move in the final animation. There are still more angles that need to be adressed, ie to create a 3d effect…Perhaps him spinning round whilst dancing, which will be done frame by frame.









Animation Analyses

David Firth: Dog of Man 2008


Just when you thought that David Firth couldn’t get any more twisted,  comes the 2008  animation; “Dog of Man.” Firth combines dark adult humour with unsettling characters, and  subversive themes. Friendship and loneliness is pertinent within this animation, but expectedly, is portrayed with obscurity. “Dog of Man” doesn’t fail, on any account, to   maintain Firth’s trademark aesthetic touch, and constantly challenges the notion of morality. So, Firth incorporates disturbing and, in the eyes of some, controversial motives to create dramatic effect. Whilst some may take offence, others marvel in the creativity of his work. Firth reinforces the dark aura of his animations, with equally disconcerting soundtracks and effects. As specified, then, Firth’s animations are not for the faint hearted, and target niche audiences that seek alternative and ambitious artistry.

Michele D’Auria: Honda:The Power of Dreams 2009


Italian writer and director, Michele D’Auria,  has created a short animated film about the days of Soichiro Honda’s life, leading up to his founding of the Honda Motor Company. The  animation comprises dream like elements, and plays on the emotional heart strings of those involved. It is a stunning animation that is swamped in creativity, and remains consistently enticing from start to finish. The composition is  topped with a delicate, yet, emotive use of orchestral sound. While the animation functions as an informative tribute to Honda’s innovative engineering skills, its agenda may not be, plainly, consumption orientated. Its cartoon like quality, hints at a broader spectrum of audience. Both children and adults may find this intuitive piece, compelling for different reasons.

MUTO A Well Painted Animation by Blu 2008


Blu takes the term innovation to the next step. The nearly seven minute animation comprises sheer dedication and expertise, to create a free-form animation that is simply magnificent. This refreshingly modern animation, serves to  capture, and praise the production principles, that so many animators try to disguise. An inspirational piece with bags of character and style. More than anything, it predominates, as a work of art, and has no particular target audience. It showcases the talents of producer; Sibe, and celebrates the possibilities of animation. The kind of animation that would inspire one to start animating themselves.

Otmar Gutmann: Pingu 1989 Onwards


Pingu is a Swiss clay animated television series, set in  Antarctica. The reason for its critical acclaim is its absence of human languages. All dialogue is in a honking “penguin  language,” which maintains an innocent and friendly feel. There are therefore, no language barriers. When a  programme is dubbed, it can sometimes lack in aesthetic value, and certain phrases may be lost in translation. Clearly the animation targets the under five’s, with its friendly and  ‘easy to understand’ themes. The use of bright recognisable  foreground colours, pitched against bland icy landscapes, helps to draw attention to the actions of Pingu. The lead character furthermore, has the like-ability factor. The animation, by tradition, contains underlying moral values that encourage children to do good.