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BAIMP Images Idea.


This idea in short symbolises the ways in which technology affects us unconciously. The caption ‘the art of relaxation’ works in connection with the positioning of the figure and futhermore the fact that she is unaware of the technology that perhaps burdens her.


BAIMP Images Idea.


This is the finalized version of the eye i was previously working on. The text is positioned in which to blend in with the shape of the eye.

BAIMP Project Idea.

Right heres another idea to throw into the mix. Its general aura is modeled around the ipod advert theme. I have used the classic iconic lightbulb image to exemplify that ‘one’ is engaged within a train of thought; hence the ‘i think’ caption at the base of the image. The caption itself also resembles the ipod brand to create a more authentic feel. The black silhouette of the figures function to support the nature side of the brief. The figure on the left also helps to divert attention towards the lightbulb through use of arm gesture, thus creating a focal point. 

When first brainstorming this idea, i tried to think about rhythm and movement. And so, i decided to implement dispersing beams of light from the light bulb to draw the eye accordingly.


BAIMP Project Idea.

Right this is another idea i’ve been tinkering with, not quite sure if I’m going to use it yet though. The text for me may need to be manipulated further to become more connected with the flow of the light trails. 

BAIMP Images Project Ideas

This is the original idea from my sketch book which has evidently inspired the works of the image below.

And the development on photoshop…

This is another rough idea i have. The image again, needs some more work but i quite like the contrast in colour between the black and white background and the pupil. The light trails within the eye generate a focal point in which to engage the eye.

BAIMP Images Project: Ideas

I’ve been trying to conjure up some fantastical ideas to edit on photoshop for this images brief. Problem is, the ideas I have far exceed the skill to which i can operate photoshop:S The first idea i have is of a solar system that is interconnected with a serious of wires. Thus in simple, emphasizing that technology and nature are in some way interlinked. I’m yet to come up with the more definitive explanation of the iconography the image communicates but ill get there!

The second image is based on the notion of deforestation, although very undeveloped, the idea has a fair bit of potential. The primitive idea is that we utilize our technology to acquire natural materials for survival; shelter, warmth and other essential functions.

The next idea is in some respects a development of my first idea. Its main focal point is an atlas which is used to represent nature. However instead of places, the atlas is mapped by a vast array of images, and/or snippets of technology. The intended concept is that homogenization is swamping our culture and clouding our perception of what reality really is.

As for text, the question has been asked of technology, ‘friend or foe’ The answer can be seen as rhetorical in an effect to engage thought.

This is the development of the above idea, but instead of using a globe, i have used an image of the earth. Both of the above ideas mentioned have played a vital role in the formation of this idea. The Image is not yet refined and needs some work doing. The text ‘technology’ has been used as dummy text for the moment until i reach a desired text.