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One week Project – Little Red Riding Hood adaptation.

Hooded Youth AKA Little Red Riding Hood

Taking this image as the starting point of our one week project, we first decided what the image connotes.

  • Due to mediation, hooded youths carry connotations of being violent and disrespectful to the general public.
  • In the eyes of the public, they are feared.
  • Intimidating, associated with braking the law, crime and so on.
  • This of course is generated by what is referred to as a moral panic.

These connotations helped us to adapt the original narrative of red riding hood to something slightly more contemporary. We then created a flow chart to demonstrate this narrative as shown below.



Paradox – 1 day project

This is the idea for the one day project. The concept was to create a brand which encapsulates using technology in environmentally friendly ways using the slogan ‘paradox’. I was originally aiming for a logo, but came up with more of a brand image. The clovers have on them, low opacity set switch boards that demonstrate technology. As for the slogan paradox, i wanted made the lettering stand out in order to make it memorable.

Although the image does work, I’m not so sure it connotes effectively to the 15-25 year old target audience. Perhaps a change of text would have benefited the overall make up of the brand. It doesn’t engage clear thought into using technology in an environmentally friendly way. But the idea is a good starting point to build upon.

Nature/technology Idea

This photoshop image combines elements of nature and technlogy to create a metaphorical journey (the journey being the pace at which we have advanced technologically through time). The ‘technological’ wires demonstrate a link with nature, showing how our culture has become increasingly united through vast advancements in technology. ‘It is now possible to send an email from one side of the world to the other in a matter of seconds’.

For this image, i wanted to create my own background rather than using a stock image, in the hope of improving my photoshop skills. And so, used a noise effect to render the background with stars, and then played with the image adjustments untill i reached the desired effect.

I then used a few stock images of planets to create the effect of a solar system before linking them together with a serious of wires, which were also manipulated to create a blurry effect.

Overall, the image needs further development but i’m happy with its general concept.