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As I’ve been busy focusing on the practical side of the course, thinking up ideas and gathering material, the inevitable theory side has been looming in my unconscious. So, today I had a read of a few articles from the recommended reading section of the images brief. I have also re-familiarised myself with the key points discussed in the key note lectures.

Yet again its hard to know how much depth to go into when studying theory, too much and you end up drowning yourself in irrelevant material, and too little, you may disregard key concepts. Thus finding a balance is essential. I haven’t yet found this balance, it’s going to take a while but I think I may well benefit from a work timetable!


University Blog!

Initial reactions to university: Absolutely loving the social side, there’s so much to do! Spent far to much money on alcohol, and as such have no recollection of the past two weeks or so! Still can’t get over the fact that a friend thought it would be a good idea to launch himself from the second floor of a house in student village. Perhaps he thought he could fly…he was so wrong!

On the downside lectures have begun, and I’m actually having to use my brain after a year of doing nothing! At first glance, there is a ridiculous amount of information to consume, i honestly don’t know where to start! But, as I keep reading the unnecessarily wordy theoretical viewpoints, things are beginning to click.

I’m trying to find some iconic images right now and I’m over-thinking, once-again! Came across the BBC’s self explanatory slogan and thought it would be a good example to upload onto the ‘Ouricons’ archive.